Played notes snapping back in the Key Editor

The reason I use the Key Editor is because I can adjust the start and end of a note in an absolutely free way. No snapping, no grid quantizing.

With Dorico 4 I can no longer avoid the notes to go back at the original position. According to the video tutorial, this should be still possible. What am I doing wrong?

The selected note edit mode is Played, so it should work. But it continues not to work even with new projects. So, maybe it’s a general setting I inadvertently changed? Is this happening to anybody else?


In general this is working fine, so there must be something specific about this particular situation that is causing the problem. Can you share a minimal project that reproduces the problem?

Hi Daniel,

Yes, please find an example attached. Any project (new or existing) would do the same here.

I’m not sure if it was this way right from the start. I’ve not used D4 for composing, and I don’t remember to have checked this feature earlier.

Paolo (400.9 KB)

Well, this is very curious. If you use the Silence playback template, then Dorico will not display the adjustments you have made to note durations in the Key Editor, because although those adjustments are set as you would expect, because Dorico does not perform any of its usual playback processing when the Silence template is active, the phase to apply those offsets to the played durations is never run.

Is using a playback template other than Silence an option for you if you want to perform edits on the playback? I assume that you eventually want to hear those edits, after all.

I had completely forgotten that setting to Silence as in this project disables the key Editor durations so a useful reminder from Daniel in cases others make the same observation. What I don’t really understand is why you’d use a Silence template in the first place as surely the whole point is to immediately get feedback on how the adjustments sound? Basically the same question as Daniel, I think. It’s another matter if you’re just writing a score and are not immediately concerned with playback.

I’m happy to confirm that by applying a playback template other than Silence will restore the ability to fine-tuning the start and end position of a note.

As someone who started composing with pencil and paper as a kid, I admit that sometimes I can’t make any difference between hearing a true sound or just imagining it. So, it might happen that I start adjusting things just believing I’m hearing the results.

But I agree that this is not the expected use, and having the fine-tuning feature activated only when a real playback template is selected would be perfectly fine.