Player group labels (vertical brackets) - Dorico 4

Hello everybody.
I need solve the problem with the name of the instruments.
Can any of you help me? thanks a lot

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Is Percussion 4 in the Group?


And there’s no Bracket change (brown signpost)?

As always, it’s hard to guess without seeing the actual project file.

[Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate IMP5.dorico|attachment]

It looks find here. Maybe try quitting Dorico and relaunching; or turning off and on the Staff Group Labels in Layout Options.

It looks correct here, too, albeit I don’t have your fonts.
Have you tried closing and reopening Dorico, as Ben suggested?

yes, it always remains the same

There is another problem with the brackets (see Percussion)

I’m not quite sure what Engrave > Reset Bracketing is supposed to do (particularly if you’re only selecting two staves), but I note that even after you’ve done so there’s still a brown Bracketing Change signpost at the top of the system.

  1. Select and delete that signpost.
  2. Drag the bracket from Perc 1-2 so that it encompasses Perc 1-4 (this is necessary because Dorico won’t automatically bracket unpitched and pitched percussion instruments together).
  3. Wait a few seconds before you click/drag/do anything else. The correct brackets should appear.

Are you definitely up to date? I believe Dorico 4.2.0 (1092) is the latest version.

@pianoleo thank you so much

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