Player group name tokens?

We have a fine collection of text tokens, but it seems not for player group names.
They could be used for labelling the parts of polychoral instrumental music. Perhaps they could be added in a future update.
At present I am using page overrides to label the parts (against the grain for me).

You can show player groups labels, in case you hadn’t come across that yet?

Yes, I found that, ideal for scores. I want to label single instrument parts.

Can you share a mock-up picture of how you would want the player label to appear in parts? Just for the team to have for reference.

Part label

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That’s very useful, thanks for sharing that.

I know it’s perhaps a bit of manual work, but why don’t you just rename the layouts in Setup (no page overrides needed)?


I would then have to abandon the standard score group labels to avoid redundancy.