Player Labels After Every Rest in Condensed Score

I’ve seen this question on here a few times, but I haven’t been able to find an answer. In a condensed score, a player label shows up after every rest. Is there a way to get rid of these unnecessary markings without having to go through and manually hide them all?


What are the condensing settings for this passage?

If you’ve resorted to Manual Condensing, you need to know that in the long term it’s likely to be slower and more laborious than getting to grips with how the Notation Options for Condensing work, in part because it tends to overmark things to be on the safe side, but also because you’re forced to create another Condensing Change as soon as the musical texture changes (whereas if you’d set appropriate Notation Options, either globally or locally, Dorico could and would make good decisions of its own).


You got me with manual condensing. Opened a new project and yep, that does it. I’ll play around with Notation Options and see if I can improve the look of things. Thanks!

You can also use the Library Manager to easily compare and swap settings between projects.

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Woah! Never opened that menu before. That is cool