Player list token condensing

The {@playerlist@} token needs some kind of “condensing” features. It doesn’t make sense to list each one of your 6 horn players in a different line. I’d say that you could condense players like you do in the staff labels (e.g. “Horns in F”) if the players hold the same instrument and have no auxiliaries. Another alternative you can see frequently is to condense them to “6 Horns in F”, but the current logic for staff labels is good enough in my opinion.

This is just one of the many features you would need to implement to have really good, standard instrumentation list, but I think this one would already get a pretty decent one without lots of complications.

Where are you using this?

Do you mean if you had 6 Horns in one Layout and the Layout name at the top-left?

A custom initial page where I want to have a standard instrumentation list for an orchestral work.

No, I am talking about the {@playerlist@} token, which prints a list of all the players of the project. It is the best option if you want to print an Instrumentation list in an initial custom page.

Sure, I understand. Just wasn’t sure where you wanted to put it.