Player name as staff label

Is there a way to use the Player name as staff label, along with Instrument change text even on first measure? I’m doing a loose sketch and would like to have something like “Melody” and “Harmony” with the staff switching between instruments.

No, I’m afraid at the moment this isn’t possible, though it’s something we plan to add in future. For the time being you can achieve the same effect by renaming the instruments held by the player instead.

Allow me to pray for the NEAR future…

This is all well and good until you have a rather unhelpful instrument change from “Rd. 1” to “Rd. 1”.

Am I also right in thinking there is no token listing the instruments a player uses for a flow? From reading through the forum I get the impression it’s somewhat workable with percussion kits but otherwise no luck.

Regardless, if and (hopefully) when that is implemented, a similar issue will arise, with players looking at the score and seeing that they need to have “Reed 1 1, Reed 1 2, & Reed 1 3” at the ready.

No, hopefully not, because instrument change labels would still use the instrument names, rather than the player name.