Player Name for Shared Stave

I understand how in Dorico, one stave can be used for a section of players (e.g. violins 1), and how with one stave, a single percussionist might change instrument; but how should a ‘Player’ be set up in Setup>Players, if one stave is being used to accommodate two players, e.g. one x 2-voice stave for Flutes 1 & 2 sharing a stave?

If I understand your description right, this is handled by “condensing” in Dorico.

You’ll have separate players for each Flute, and separate staves in Galley view. Dorico can combine these onto one staff (in Page view only) when you turn on Edit > Condensing. See the User Guide for lots more info.

It does mean possibly a lot of duplication from one staff to another, but this is how we make separate part layouts and still have a combined staff in the score. Also beware that currently we cannot select anything on a condensed staff; all editing has to be done in Galley view.

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Super clear, thanks Mark. It’s great that the >1-stave view of things for staves bearing >1 instrument or voice is used in Dorico, as it makes editing so simple and proper voice/instrument change presentation, automatic.