Player numbers are swapped

Don’t know how this happened, but I have this situation:

I need to swap the numbers (names) of the instruments so instead of “Soprano 2” I’ll have “Soprano 1” and vise versa.
I know I can change the instrument name, but I don’t know how to change the instrument number, as it seems to happen automatically.

Is there a “recalculate numbers” action or something like so I Dorico can assign numbers based on order?

What you can do easily is select both voices content (select first notes and then Select to the end of Flow), and then Swap content of the staves. And finally move Soprano 2 below Soprano 1. With my shortcuts for select until end of Flow and Swap content, it’s a 10s operation tops.

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Nice! I wasn’t aware of the swap functionality, thanks!

Regardless, I feel like dorico should probably change the numbers based on order, or at least give the functionality to explicitly change instrument numbers without having to edit the score.

In future versions of Dorico there will be a feature to renumber instruments according to the order in which players are listed in the Players panel.