Player (Piccolo) Not Showing Up in Mixer

I am wondering if it may be related to the Dorico beep not being there.

So, I moved the piccolo down to the next open slot and there it is in the mixer

Depending on the order in which you add players to the project, the order of the outputs in the Mixer will not necessarily match the order in which the players are listed in the score.

Yes of course, but I mean the instrument is not showing up where it should. But moving it, changing " the order" from ch:1 to 8 it shows. So what gives with channel one. I originally suspected it was with the removal of dorico beep from the top of the vst list. Looking for concurrence with any one else out there in the wacky world of dorico?

No, DoricoBeep never shows up in the list, it’s always hidden.

well it’s very atypical. I tried to recreate it in a new project. and all was fine.
What could be under the hood that might be causing this?, Mr Wizard behind the curtain, thoughts? I’ll send you the whole thing if you want…

Surely it’s simply that the piccolo is routed to channel 8 of VE Pro, so (assuming you’ve created outputs in VE Pro such that channel 1 is routed to output 1, channel 2 to output 2, and so on) it’s also going to appear as the eighth output in the Mixer for that instance of VE Pro?