Player position in the score

Not sure if this is possible but I’ll try…
I have three flutes with 3rd flute doubling piccolo, so I have associated Flute 3 with Picc in my players list. So far so good. But… when this player is on Flute 3, I would like it to appear beneath Flutes 1 & 2 as it playes the lowest harmony, but above Flutes 1 & 2 when on Picc as it will then be playing the highest harmony. Is this possible? Or have I orchestrated it incorrectly!!!

Although it’s not unheard of to have flute 3 below 1 and 2 even when they are playing piccolo, I understand your wish. I’m afraid Dorico can’t do this automatically.
One solution here could be to have 2 separate players, shown above and below the other flutes, and combine them in the flute 3 part layout. You would need to take care of hiding unneeded staves in both score and the combined part, and manually adding instrument changes as text objects. You can’t have an instrument change in the middle of a staff.
Alternatively: have 3 players. Two for in the score, as described above, and one that has the actual flute 3 part with the piccolo doubling. This last one would not appear in the full score at all, only in the part. But having to keep the music synchronised between the two score-only staves and the part is not ideal, of course.
So, it’s a bit of a hassle, but not impossible.

Thank you … I will give your suggestion a try! :grinning: