Player with multiple instruments - strange behaviour

Found another small issue:

When I create a player with more than one instrument (e.g. drums), in the setup view (“Einrichtung”) and also in the page view (Seitenansicht) I see only the first instrument. I have to switch to “Fortlaufende Ansicht” (sorry, German version) and enter notes to the other instruments in order to see those in the mentioned views. This is a bit confusing.

It’s intended that it should work this way: in galley view, you can see all of the instruments belonging to a player, but in page view you see only the current instrument, with automatic instrument changes created at the appropriate points.

I created a player with multiple instruments for Horn 2 and 3 - and Trumpet 1 and 2
Strange enough, the empty staves for both trumpets are shown, the empty staves for horn not.
I don’t understand. The settings are the same for both instruments.
Bildschirmfoto 2021-04-10 um 10.59.47 Bildschirmfoto 2021-04-10 um 10.59.52

Are you sure there’s no manual setting on “visibility” set on a break? Make sure Reset is set for all instruments before the point you’re looking at.

Of course I did that Marc

We can keep guessing but it’ll be quicker if you upload the project.

You’ll probably need to send a minimal example file then…

Forum.dorico (3.0 MB)

I think what’s going on is this:
Each of your players holds multiple instruments.
Your Layout Options allow instrument changes to take place automatically in page view.
Typically a horn player can’t play two horns simultaneously, nor can a trumpet player play two trumpets simultaneously, but that’s what you’ve told these players to do, from bars 15-18.

At bar 19, you’ve given Horn 3 some notes, so Dorico knows that it can hide Hn2’s stave (because instrument changes are turned on the assumption is that 99% of the time, each player only plays one instrument).

Until you give either Trumpet 1 or Trumpet 2 (which are held by the same player) some notes in bar 19 onwards, Dorico doesn’t know which stave to continue showing, so it shows both. As soon as you add a note on either of the Trumpet staves, Dorico will hide the other trumpet stave.

If you don’t want Dorico to do this, turn off Instrument Changes at Layout Options > Players > Instrument Changes.

Ok. Yes, yes, yes - that’s a good way to think about it…thanx for sharing Leo.
It’s just a very special case. The conductor wants a reduction of a larger ensemble but he wants the 2 horns (2 & 3)to see both voices and the 2 trumpet players to see both voices.
I tried the same set-up with divisi for trumpet and horns which would work better for me BUT he wants the 1st trumpet in F and the 2nd trumpet in Bb and I couldn’t find out how to divide the divisi into 2 different instruments (I guess it’s not possible and not the purpose of divisi anyway).
Like I said: a very special layout which the conductor asks…

Why not stick with one player per instrument, then assign multiple horn players to a single part layout and multiple trumpet players to another single part layout?

Yes, I thought about that, too…
Hmmm…maybe I should do it like this, yes. Then all staves would be visible the whole time - that’s what I want anyway, cause in this special case I didn’t want to work in galley view. But maybe I should just switch to galley view, then it doesn’t matter - but I’m copying a conductor score and for reasons of clarity, page view feels better… Lots of possibilities :slight_smile: