Player with several percussion instruments doesn't condense

Problematic score (trimmed):
dorico dubte perc 3.dorico (1.5 MB)

I have 3 percussion players, each with several instruments.

  • Perc. 1 is a kit and works fine.

  • Perc. 2 works fine as well. It shows only one staff in the full score at any time, and has text that indicates instrument changes.

  • Perc. 3 should work like perc. 2, but doesn’t. It shows 4 staves in the first frame, and later on doesn’t indicate instrument changes (it always works with 4 staves and decides which to show at any moment).


I can’t find anything in layout options, I thought what Perc. 2 does was the default always.

Thank you

I had a look at your file and have to admit: I don’t have the slightest idea.
Even if you delete everything from those first bars in all 4 percussion-3-instruments, it still shows like 4 separate staves on the first page…

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I’d guess it’s because Perc3 is a mix of tuned and untuned instruments?

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Seems to be more complicated than that.
When you delete all the assigned instruments one by one, the behaviour stays the same. (Even at the point where there are only 2 pitched instruments at the time.)
When you delete all of them and add 2 other instruments, it works correctly…

Normally it works perfectly to combine pitched and unpitched percussions.

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OK. It’s caused by the staff removal in bar 34. (not sure why though).


Great catch! :+1:

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Spot on, thanks!

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