Player with two instruments at different staff positions - any solution?

I know this may not be a common dilemma, but I have a player switching between two instruments in different sections (brass and woodwind). I don’t want the brass instrument to show up bracketed with the woodwinds or vice versa on the full score. Taking @Derrek 's advice from this thread, I set the two instruments as belonging to separate players and combined them in a layout, which works great as long as the player only plays one of the instruments in each flow. But if I want them to switch from one instrument to the other mid-flow, is there a work-around solution to make this look right in the part? Ideally, I’d like it to look as seamless as Dorico’s automatic handling of switching from flute to piccolo, for example. Anybody know any tricks?

Treat them as 2 separate players, but create a layout that combines them. In that layout you can hide the non-playing parts.


Thanks! I’ve only been using Dorico for a couple weeks, so I’m still getting the hang of things. This looks like it will work out fairly well.

Different situations, different solutions. :grinning:
@Janus 's solution is the more common one. The other solution, the one for flows, is a rarer and more convoluted notating problem.

Glad you and Janus got it solved.