Players and flows


  1. is it possible to add a player to one flow only? Right now, the player is added to all flows which means that I have to click it away manually from all the other flows. This takes a long long time with 15+ flows.

  2. I would like to show the vocal part in the basso part just for the recits and not for the other movements. How is this achieved? Can I set the player with the vocal part to show up in the basso part just for that flow?


  1. No, at the moment this is not possible, but we’ll think about whether we can come up with a good way to allow this.

  2. The only way to do that would be to use separate music frame chains in that layout, with the first frame chain set to show only the basso part, and then a separate frame chain including the vocal part at the appropriate point. Let me know if you have no idea how to achieve this.

I would suggest a less elegant but faster way. Creating a new player for recits only which would then be taken out of the score layouts . It involves copying and pasting what is in the vocal parts to that particular player, but than it can then be added to the basso layout and set to hide “empty staves always”

Thanks, I will try both ways. Both are a bit convoluted, but coming from Finale I am kind of used to that… :slight_smile:

If you right-click the player in Setup mode, and look under Flows->, you should find “Remove Player from All Flows”, which saves you from unselecting all flows manually. Be aware that this will remove all existing music from the player.

Yes, but I do not want to remove it from all of them… Just keep it in one of the layouts for a certain flow. Or did I misunderstand you?

Sorry, I was referring to your first question

  1. is it possible to add a player to one flow only?

Or am I still misreading the question?

OK, now I got it, thanks! That is useful.

I just tried this now, and used the new trick I learned from Anders to create a player, uncheck from all flows and then add it. After that I copied the music in question, unchecked the player from the score layout and checked it in the layouts where I wanted it. Worked fantastically.

The thing is that it is a bit hardwired in to my head that when I do changes, even small ones, I almost certainly will have to redo lots of layout work. This is what I still to this day have to face with Finale, even after spending so many years working with it. So adding extra cue staves like this and not have to worry is extremely relieving.

A moment of joy. Almost unbelievable.