Players and Instruments for Dummies

I am still confused about Doricos concept with players and instruments.

I know that in certain situations one player plays a second instrument (like in Jazz or Big Band), so there is a demand for it.

What though in a classical setup? Instruments are being played at the same time, so they are put into a score and they want to be played from a part. It might be one player playing the part f.e. violin 2 - or it might be a bunch of players playing the violin 2 part. I actually want to leave this to the performers. Sometimes it makes sense to have a part with two different lines (for example Basso and Voice in Recitativos). Still this part would be for one player only (a violoncello player f.e.).
How do I set up a score with just the instrument lines in my mind?

Instrument > Part > Part layout (without thinking of players)

Just add the instruments you want. It only comes down to players holding instruments, if you add instruments to the player.

The section player doesn’t have a + sign on the right of the players card. Meaning you can’t add additional instruments for them to play. The individual does have a + sign on the right of the players card. Meaning you can add additional instruments they hold.

You can add a score setup of individual players, and not add additional instruments to them, and it would be very similar to adding section players to the score.


Here is a graphic…

I added a Violin section, and a Viola played by an individual. You can see the plus on the right hand side of the players card to add additional instruments if I wanted.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 11.24.18 AM.png

I’m not sure if I understand your problem correctly but surely this feature is for “doubling”, which happens often. For instance, the “Player” might be “Sax’ 1” but he or she may be required to play Tenor sax’, Alto, Clarinet and flute.
Seems very useful to me.

There are two different situations here. One is “doubling,” where a single human plays different instruments at different times. In Dorico, you assign several instruments to the same player. In Write mode, Galley view shows a separate stave for each instrument, and you just write the notes on the appropriate stave. in Page view, Dorico automatically combines the music onto a single stave and adds the relevant clef / key signature / staff type changes, and the instructions to the player to change instrument.

The other situation is a “section” of an orchestra where several humans play the same type of instrument, and usually all play the same music, but may sometimes split up with different “sub-sections” playing different music. This could mean that a extra staves are required to notate the “divisi” sections, and possibly that different “parts” are required for the players in each “sub-section”. According to Daniel, there are plans for Dorico to deal with those requirements at some point in the future, but they are not in the current version.