Players" and "Layouts" should not be on one side or the other

I think that, in the setup mode, the two panels “Players” and “Layouts” should not be on one side or the other. They are bound by their dynamics in the construction of the layouts and, on the very large screen, you have to constantly turn your head to the extreme left and to the extreme right to check the result of the choices. We should at least have the option of placing these two panels, which are actually columns, on the same side of the screen.

Perhaps, but it might be confusing to see “Trumpet”, “Trumpet” if they were together in columns. Which one is which? Why are there two?

Plus, the relationship is a three-way one. Players can be in Flows, or not, and in Layouts, or not. Flows can also be in Layouts, or not.

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Seems a bit of a faff, I know, but you could always make the window smaller during initial setup, and then expand it once you’re ready to work on the score.


The columns are identifiable, as in calculation. Each with its function (and title). And anyway it would be an option. To each mind its choice. That’s the beauty of options.

I understand. It does not go so far as to exclude the center and glue the columns, but it is a lesser evil.

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