Players vs. Layout

at the moment I try to achieve having two players share the same part, using different clefs.
What would be the procedure?
I setup a score with Dessus (1), haute-Contre (2), Taille (3) and Bass (4)
The haute-Contre is written in violin G-clef.
I would like to have a second part for the haut-Contre in Alto C- clef.
How can I get this?
It would be another player (let us say Viola 1) who shares the haute-Contre, but in a different clef.
So far I can only think of putting another line into the score and pasting the haute-Contre line, but there should be a cleverer way.
Thank you for help.

Dear k_b,

I am not sure I understand what you need, or what is the problem you are facing.
I do not think there is an automated way to copy the music from a musician to another, changing the clef. But, as you write it, it can simply be done by copy-paste (which is really VERY easy — makes me think it is so easy there is no need of any automated way). This is why I think I did not understand what your real problem is. Is it a layout problem, for instance you do not want all the instruments to appear in your layout — since different parts are exactly the same ? It would be nice, then, that Dorico labels the matching staves with the names of the players who share the same music ?

Ok, thank you Marc: I add the new player, copy and paste from the haute-Contre part, change the clef for that player and exclude him from the “Whole Score” Layout. Yes, this works.
But: if I change something in the h-C part, I will have to do it twice.
Could it be, that still Sibelius handles this situation better?

I think this is the kind of things Dorico is going to handle beautifully once the developers have done the urgent job (chords and repeats…). It is in the same logic than automatically reducing orchestra scores for piano… Your plan is to reduce two or three (identical) parts to one — eventually changing the staff label in a clever way. I guess it is in Daniel’s plans :slight_smile: