Players with extra staves

I imported an XML file and have extra staves for my bass player. I can’t figure out how to delete those staves, but I did find an object in the staff that was preventing the staff from being hidden, so now the staff is hidden. However, the remaining staff has a bracket that I’d like to get rid of. My engraving options do have “No bracket” for “Bracketed groups with only one instrument.”

I also don’t know if this is an extra staff for the 4-string bass guitar instrument, or an extra instrument for my Bass player. How would I tell?


The easiest way to sort this out might be to go into Setup mode and create a new single staff instrument, if that is what you want. Copy and paste the music into it, then delete the old instruments(s) and player(s).

Setup mode should tell you whether you have an extra staff, or an extra instrument for the player. Open all the panels on the left of the screen for the instruments and players, and see what is inside!

AFAIK Dorico imports the number of staves etc that were defined in the XML file, even if this is not the same as the instrument definition in Dorico itself.