Players with no labels?

I’m working on a film score with winds, horn & strings, and on top of each system I have one player with four sampler instruments. I’m using these staves to notate all of the pre-recorded material that will be heard in players headphones when recording , but won’t be re-recorded live.

In the “edit name” for each instrument I’ve deleted everything, but there are still numbers showing on the page:

I would like these staves to remain totally nameless (as I’ve notated in text inside the staves what sounds or instruments are shown, that changes often every few measures). I’m also reducing these staves to 75%

Is there a way to do this? I have about 30 cues to orchestrate (each a separate Flow), so I’d rather not do this manually in Acrobat on the pdf.

Many thanks

Would you rather maybe that these be cue notes instead of separate staves? Okay, they WOULD be separate staves in the master score as you write them, but only appear as cue notes in the conductor score or player parts - and you get to choose where and how they appear? Dorico does that really well. And I think it would be a lot less time and work.

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Two options off the top of my head:

  1. In the left panel of Setup mode, put each one of the four players in a separate group.
    If that makes a mess of the bracketing, then instead:
  2. Go to the Edit Instrument Names dialog for the second of the four instruments and type a single space (“ “) into the Full Name text field. Then Edit Instrument Names for the third of the four instruments and type two spaces into the Full Name text field. Then Edit Instrument Names for the fourth instrument and type three spaces into the Full Name text field.
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I should have specified that in the parts, nobody needs to see these, just the score.
Thanks @gdball for your answer

And thanks @pianoleo that worked perfectly !