Playground Romance

َAhhhh to be young and foolish again! :relieved: :relieved: :relieved:
The instrument is Hohner Guitaret played with a sugar packet taken from Omnisphere.

For a minute there I thought you were saying you had an actual Hohner Guitaret and you were playing it with a sugar packet! Now I think I understand that you got a virtual instrument from Omnisphere (that was played with a sugar packet)?

It’s a pretty interesting and satisfying sound. You made a nice clip with it. Truly evokes the playground. According to Wikipedia, the Guitaret was developed by the same guy who invented the clavinet.

there is all sorts of presets: toothpick, fingers, knife, etc. and all are samples not synthesizers
Thanks for the nice comment Leon
Though it is rather pricey I absolutely love Omnisphere 2, my piece “urban conundrum” which I like more than the others is mostly Omnisphere guitars and a peculiar omnisphere bell type instrument called “in memorium”. it would have been a good song but with those instruments it became of of my best.

new version
reduced the tempo a little

in this new site layout for some reason original post gets ruined and can’t edit the original post after a short time

Really well composed Masoomi; Loved it. and true that it’s perfect fit for playground.

Lovely composition and feel throughout. Wonderful, innocent feeling in it all. The instrumentation and performance are both really nice.

Thanks Man
To be honest I started composing with the Hohner just because, and after I was in the middle of the song I realized it’s would fit a childish theme and thus the name … :smile:

Thanks for the kind words
I remember my first love as a 12 year old in a playground…it was magical. though I never got the courage to talk to the girl I always remember the innocent day dreaming and fear as if it was yesterday

Hi Masoomi,
That’s a very soothing sound. Very atmospheric and leads well into your title. Is it deliberately short or is it going to be developed into something more? I want to be immersed for a whole lot longer in that place.

All the best

Hi Jonathan
Glad you liked it. Well I ran out of ideas to be honest but I think children have mood swings all the time and short feelings could be deliberate into making the song short. I may continue it if some interesting plot twist is put forward by members :stuck_out_tongue: