Playhead appearing and disappearing arbitrarily

This has certainly been covered, but it’s impossible to find, since the green line in question can be named “playhead” “playback line”, “playback caret” and numerous other things.

But, “that green line” for me sometimes is there and sometimes isn’t. It shows up and if it’s there, it’s showing the play position correctly, but then it disappears again at a certain point. Plus, there’s not really a way of telling where playback starts, seems it’s by default the last flow that you worked on, and somehow I managed to make it play back from the start of flow 1.

Sorry for maybe rementioning an old hat again. It’s getting more and more difficult to not double-post any issues one runs into, and the forum search is not always a sufficient help in avoiding that.

Well, Don, this topic is not so old ! And there is a reply from Dorico :wink:

Well, Marc, yes- the playhead is being mentioned and talked about in the thread you linked to. And it’s a highly interesting thread. But at least IMO, that thread you linked to is NOT about the playhead disappearing and reappearing arbitrarily… :slight_smile:

Happens here as well.


Particularly on Mac, and apparently more commonly on more recent versions of macOS, the playhead does sometimes disappear and the counter in the transport stops updating. This is on our list of things to try to fix in the near future.

Actually prefer when it disappear. :slight_smile:


There is a known issue in 1.0.10, which I’ve now fixed where the playhead won’t appear until the score has been played back for the first time.