Playhead cursor disappears (randomly?)

I’ve seen some in the Cubase crowd complaining about this but haven’t seen a Nuendo thread, and this occurs constantly for me - sometimes every few minutes.

Basically the white lines surrounding the playhead disappear and then you’re left with just the very thin black line (I work on a very dark background so it’s basically invisible without the white lines). To get the cursor back is easy enough, just hit Win+d twice to drop the window and bring it back up., but it is a bit irritating to keep having to do this every few minutes for the whole day! Also looks a bit rubbish in front of clients (“why do you keep minimising the window and bringing it back up?” “Oh because I can’t see where the playhead is” “You seem to do it every few minutes” “…yep” “it’s quite annoying” “…sorry!”)

I’ve been trying to spot reproducible steps to make this happen consistently but it really does appear to be random. Does anyone else get this problem?

bla bla bla… Nuendo-Version?

Hi, thanks for your response.

My bad for forgetting tags; I’m on 11.0.0

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Your problem was mentioned before… tried to find an older thread about it… took some time because a typo in the title :grin:

Curser disappear sometimes

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Ahhh good find! I’ll leave this thread up so people can still find that one no matter how they spell cursor :wink:

Indeed good idea… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Have it too. I think (not 100% sure) i once saw the cursor alone on my second monitor, without Nuendo in the background. If this is true it would be a separate (undecorated) window which might explain the problem…

For me it disappears in the bottom “edit view” area while still being visible in the main timeline.

I have wrote about this before, had this problem since N10 and still now on N11,
Strange no one takes care of it,

What you mean… we’re trying to find a solution…

My apologies! I did not know… Did not mean to harm anyone…

Only a few users are affected… so it’s not easy to identify the problem

Anything we can do to help track down that thing?

If you are not affected, it is difficult to help :thinking:

Of course :wink:

But i am affected, and happy to help…

So a detailed description of your system
and the situation it happens would be nice for the beginning

It happens to me sometimes…Windows 10, 32GB RAM, Nuendo 11

This is not detailed enough…
Which Windows 10 version? Which graphics hardware?
Which audio hardware (ASIO driver)?
Which Nuendo 11 patch level?

@st10ss I did some systematic bughunting. Here is a way to reproduce it:

What works fine: Set the cursor somewhere in your project so that you can see it. Minimize the project window, then restore the view. The cursor is there, just as it should be.

What doesnt work: Do the same thing, but hit play before minimizing the window. Now hit stop before restoring the window. The cursors of the main project timeline (and the lower edit zone if opened) are missing. As soon as you move the cursor in one of the the timelines, the cursor is visible again in that timeline.

system info

OS: Windows 10 Pro, Version 20H2, Build 19042.867, Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0
RAM: 32 GiB
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor
GPU: Nvidia GTX1070, Nvidia Driver Version 461.72
Nuendo 11.0.10 Build 321

Another thing i could track down is that the drawing of the cursor is definitly “done in a different way”.

Additional Bug 1: Resizing the window vertically at a medium speed resizes everything fluidly, but the cursor redraw is significantly delayed.
Additional Bug 2: The minimize/restore window-animations of windows also dont apply to the cursor in the same way, its movement in the animation is different from the rest of the window - once you notice it, it is really annoying - well, at least to me :wink:

I can also provide videos of all these behaviours if that is of any use for bugfixing.

well done… I can reproduce it
had no problems before with the cursor…