Playhead/cursor losing location in external and lower section MIDI editor

Key editor playhead/cursor losing location in external and lower zone MIDI editor when selecting other MIDI track or location in arrange. Or… Am I missing some settings option here?

AutoScroll Enable or disable wont help here. When hit play cursors in all windows are in sync again. Frustrating to try to edit for example midi note start points on multiple tracks.

Cubase 11.0.10 on Mac
edit: Seems to been same in C 10
OK. There is Link/synchronize button on lower zone, but I never ever use lower editor (except making that video) because I have 4 displays for external editors… Thing is: External editor does not have Link button.


This is how Cubase behaves. Once you open a Key Editor, the view jumps to the very beginning of the MIDI Part.

My workaround is to press F (Auto-scroll) twice. This forces the Key Editor just to the cursor’s position.

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