Playhead disappear while stoped

I tired of damn buggy Cubase, Steinberg!
I can’t see my playhead while I stopped a playback!
I switched graphic cards in my nvidia control pannel from integrated to discrete and backwards but same issue!
For expample my Studio One 5 is running as it should without any problem, but your damn Cubase always kills my nerve!

You don’t say what version or resolution you are using. I’ve never seen this happen but I’m stil on 10.5

Hi there! I use 10.0.60 version, and my display resolutions is 1920*1080 FHD scaling on 125, but Cubase uses it’s own 100% scaling. Win OS ver. 2004, core i7, 16gb ram.

It’s probably the scaling that’s the problem. There are quite a few programs that don’t like 125% scaling. You can’t get much on your screen using 125% on a hd screen. I find that it’s best to get a screen physically big enough and not use scaling as it causes problems. I’ve never seen scaling look good. Do you get the same problem if you remove scaling?

I don’t want to use 125% because Cubase UI become way too big for me and blury. I also see no reason to buy a new 4k monitor just solve this issue - it’s not my problem but Steinberg must care about this. As I mentioned above my Studio One work without any issue and looks pretty damn good in comparison to Cubase.
Why just not to steal S1 UI and implement it in Cubase? DAW devs anyway steals from each other, see no issue to do so here.

They are not going to update version 10 though. It’s already had it’s last update. Even last update for version 10.5 has happened now. I know they fixed some stuff in 11 so maybe someone else can comment as I’m still on 10.5. But as I said it’s not going to be fixed in version 10.

Have my share of issues as well with the playhead (project cursor). If I toggle between audio events the project cursor disappears from the Edit lower zone. I found that running cubase in Windows 8 compatibility mode solved that issue…???

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Hi there, unfortunately your trick with win 8 comp. did not help me. I still experience this issue.

It’s a pity… was worth to try.

Best regards

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