Playhead does not move when I press Spacebar or P

I’ve entered 8 bars of celeste but cannot get the music to play, or the playhead to advance forward.

Look at the transport mini-bar at the top right corner of your screen. Is the Play icon (triangle towards the right) green?

Also, have you checked your audio setup? When you enter a note, or select a note, does that note sound (if you have that setting turned on)?

In Play mode, have you tried Play menu>Playback template > choose whatever Playback template you want, then apply ?

I didn’t select a playback template; it seems to have defaulted to HSSE+HSO (Pro). I have no idea what this means (should I?) — it just looks like a pile of letters and parentheses. Sorry if I sound a little frustrated. I’ve come from Sibelius and so I know the pain of learning a system, let alone one as convoluted as Sibelius, from the ground floor. But starting from a Modern Orchestra template in Dorico 3.5, I don’t understand what I’m looking at (HSSE+HSO, really?), can’t find this issue in Help, and I feel stupid for not being able to even make the playhead move or produce a sound.

Currently, my celeste does not make a sound when I select or enter notes. It’s been automatically assigned to 03 - HALion SE, Port 1, Channel 16. I don’t know if that helps.

Sorry to hear you’re having these problems, Matt. I can’t remember whether this specific case is covered in the troubleshooting video my colleagues Ant and Ulf put together, but it would be worth going through it to check everything is set up as expected. Here it is.

If you still have no joy after going through that video, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file to a reply here so we can take a look at the logs and see what else might be going on.

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Please re-apply that playback template. For the record, it’s the default playback template that will get you up and running with the provided soundset in Dorico. Are you sure you’ve downloaded that heavy part of the program when installed from the Steinberg Download assistant ?
Once everything is loaded, the play button I was referring at in my first answer turns green, and everything is ready to play.
Please follow Daniel’s advice. He’s the chief of project of this program, so he knows more than anybody :wink:

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If the playhead does not move then often the cause is that the audio device isn’t set correctly or the sample rate is wrong, so check the device settings in Edit > Device Setup

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I have this problem again, and even rebooting hasn’t helped. I can’t choose a different sample rate, because the only one in the drop down is 48000. The annoying thing about this (which happens quite frequently) is that it was working perfectly well yesterday and has now stopped working although nothing has been changed with the setup. Many thanks for your help.

Then you need to change the audio settings on Windows side. Right click on the little speaker icon on the right in your taskbar. There choose Open Sound Settings, then the wanted device and there on Device properties and then Additional Device Properties. On the Advanced tab you will find the settings for the default audio format.

Many thanks Ulf. You don’t say what changes I should make? On that advanced tab, the Test button works OK, and the sample rate is the same as in Dorico.

And is on the Advanced tab the option ticked for allowing apps to take exclusive control?
If so, then deselect it.

If still not working we might better have a remote screen sharing session…

It was selected, so I’ve deselected it. Still not working, although I’ve closed and re-opened the program. Do I need to reboot the machine?

No, normally not.

I’ve sent you also a private mail, please check.