Playhead follow Caret?

Is it possible for the Playhead to follow the Caret? I’m finding it frustrating if I go to edit notes in bar 24 and playhead is still at bar 12, I cant just dbl click and have the playhead follow (like Cubase), I have to make a selection and hit P, often in making that selection it goes into note input and then I have to delete the accidentally input note just to get the playhead to play what I just edited. I’m a longtime Cubase user (since 1999) but new to Dorico and still getting used to its work flow vs Cubase. Thank you

Note input and playback aren’t really best suited to be used simultaneously – perhaps are you looking for MIDI recording, where you can record notes in real-time using a MIDI keyboard or similar?

No not MIDI recording, but just the simple idea of I enter a melody from bar 24 -28, I want to listen to it after, but my playhead is a bar 12. I cant just double click bar 24 to have playhead come to bar 24, it goes into Note input. So click a note or something in 24 and hit Alt P to start playing it. But sometimes clicking a note to make a selection open note input again. So I have to turn off note input, more clicks to just play back the notes I wrote at bar 24.
I want to use Dorico for creative writing, not to transfer pre written score into print. I’ve been using manuscript books for 30 years to create music, catch my ideas, flesh out horn arrangements etc. I loved the ideas of being able to hear ideas back as I was writing., to check different harmonic choices under a melody.

I just select anything (a note, dynamic, barline etc) and hit P (not Alt-P)- it always plays back from there.

If I select more than one item in a single instrument (eg click the whole bar), it will only play that instrument (which is most useful)

To start playback from a selected point, just press P. You could also click in the ruler in either the Key Editor or in the track overview in Play mode, that also moves the playhead to where you clicked.

There’s possibly also a Preference somewhere about whether or not double-clicking starts note input, but I may be misremembering that.

@Janus Thank you, that’s seems to be the best way to do this and thanks for the tip.
@Lillie_Harris Thank you, I don’t find myself wanting to write in the Play window, I can do that much more effectively in Cubase, I want to stay with the manuscript in Write mode. And if I double click anywhere in write mode it goes into Start Note Input, I would love to change that, is there a way? I would love to just stay in edit mode until I hit SHIFT N to start note input.

The key editor is not Play mode; it is an option in the lower panel that also holds the Preferences panels.

Single clicking on a note in Write or Engrave more (and not pressing Return after) should ready the program to use P to play aback from the note position.

Thanks for the clarification about Key editor. That is very Cubase like and can click in the ruler to do as I would expect. Ive had lower panel in Keyboard view and hadnt thought about the key editor