Playhead in Tempo Track

Does anyone happen to know if there’s a way to get the tempo track playhead position to synchronize (and to center) to the playhead in the Play Mode?
In the image below I want playback to start from bar 92. The screen jumps slightly to the right in Play Mode so it’s a little more (but never completely!) centered.
At the same time, the tempo track gets aligned to the left so it jumps in the opposite direction at playback start. Now I basically have two playheads to follow instead of one that sits across the entire screen.

Additionally, if I drag the screen in Play Mode with the mouse to find a spot earlier in time, the tempo track remains stationary and never follows it (and of course, it’s not possible to drag the tempo track itself in the same way). At playback start, it then jerks the screens so that the playhead stays in its leftmost position.
It would be more logical to have the option to drag the tempo track itself to find the appropriate tempo spot (since it’s the editor) and then to have the Play Mode follow.
Appreciate any pointers. Thanks!

No, there are no options for this at present. It would be tricky to keep them in sync because the areas have different widths, as your screenshot amply demonstrates.

We are planning some changes to the tempo editor in the next update, which is focused on further improving the user experience of the Key Editor, and I think you will find what we come up with helpful.

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Thanks, Daniel.
And yes - I just changed the zoom level of the tempo track and the playhead position changed as well.

However, it does appear that there is some kind of pre-existing alignment between the two playheads.
For instance, If I attempt to manually align the two playheads as well as the bar width and get to this:

the playhead in the tempo track moves again to the left on playback:

And this gap between the position of the two playheads seems remarkably consistent (unless of course I zoom out very wide as in my original post).