Playhead jumps around

I’m experiencing weird Playhead behavior in Dorico 4: normally, when you select a note and press ‘P’, playback starts at that note. Now, at least two out of three times, playback starts at the point it stopped, instead of going to the note I selected with ‘P’. I’ve never encountered this is any previous version (I started with Dorico 2).
Is this a known issue? I couldn’t find anything on the forum or internet describing my issue.

You should find that P always starts from the selection, but if you have no selection it will start from the playhead’s current position. Might that explain what you are seeing?

Hi Daniël, sorry for my late reply. I’,m aware of this behavior, but in my case it is as I wrote: even with a note (or rest) selected the playback starts at the last position.

Can you attach a screen recording showing this behaviour in action?

Hi Daniel, today I had no issues so far, so I’m unable to make a video of it. If it happens again, I will try to make one showing the issue.

I’m struggling with the same kind of problem working with the previous Dorico version, 3.5. In my case, when the P shorcut does actually work, the playback always start after the selected event, which makes the workflow pretty confusing.
@Menno_Bosgra Could you find a solution to your problem?

I didn’t experience this again, but it may have to do with tempo settings, especially gradual tempo changes. If you changed the default settings of Dorico (mostly 110.0 of previous tempo), and accidentally entered a wrong value, then Dorico can’t calculate correctly where to start and starts at a random spot or the start of the flow.
If you checked and everything seems okay, then I have no clue, but maybe someone else does.

Welcome to the forum, Roberto. If you have a reproducible case where you find that playback starts from the wrong place, the best way to troubleshoot it is to upload the project itself here. From one of our sticky threads: