Playhead not showing sometimes

Hi Guys,

Anyone having this issue lately (it also happened with 10.5.5) ?
The cursor sometimes just doesn’t show. I zoom in and zoom out a few times… move the screen and then it appears again.
It usually doesn’t take too long to appear but it’s kinda annoying.

I’m on Mojave with an ATI RX 570 in a 5 monitors setup.


Yes. Happens CONSTANTLY on my system. Thought it was related to me using an old monitor in my three monitor setup, so I bought an ultra wide. Still happens CONSTANTLY.

Email support about it - they seemed very skeptical the bug exists when I reached out.

For me it does not disappear but it turns to a very small black line, so on dark background it may seem hidden. Very annoying. Comes and goes and I am on an updated Win10 system so I dont think its Mac related.
Had this issue already on Cubase 9 and before.

Thanks guys!!
I dont recall this problem on 10.0 when I was using High Sierra. I just started to notice it when I switched to Mojave

I can confirm that the problem exists using Mojave on Cubase 10 as well.

Same here on Win10. Thin black line but with the white outline over the time line.

Found also another issue thread about this, where more people complained about that: