Playhead Position and Transport Control

Before I say that I think the transport controls should work differently, I need to make sure that the problem isn’t my lack of understanding.

When I am writing, I almost always want to click or point to a bar or note and play from there. I can do that if and only if I expand the transport controls which are then covering up part of my music.

It seems logical to me that I should be able to play from my selected position as the default. (That’s how I work in a DAW.) When I am working on a section and playing it over and over, I don’t want to play from the last position where the playback stopped.

Is there a key command that says “Play from the point I have selected?”


There is indeed! Press ‘p’ and Dorico will start playback from your selection. Quite powerful! Select a couple of notes in one instrument and now Dorico will start playback from your selection for that instrument only. Select additional notes from additional instruments and now only those will play, starting from your earliest selection.


There is also an option on the Play page of Preferences, Play button in mini-transport plays from selection, if any, which you can activate if you would prefer clicking on the play button in the mini-transport in the toolbar to do the same as hitting P.

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Beautiful!'Thank you both.