Playhead positioning

Hi Folks,

So after importing a video, then markers, timecode & tempo (from a logic exported MIDI file), I wanted to position the playhead at the beginning of a specific bar to check the timecode on the video. I can’t work out how to do this though. Of course I can select a note and it’ll play from there but it doesn’t update the frame being viewed without actually pressing play, which very quickly moves off the intended frame. Pressing numpad + or - seems to give the playhead a mind of its own and results in the position sometimes being at the start of the bar, sometimes elsewhere. Is there a way to accurately position the playhead whilst having the correct video frame being displayed?

Also, has anyone been able to map a jog wheel for precise movement of the playhead (I have a Korg Nanokontrol Studio)?



You can move the playhead to the position of the earliest selected item by typing Alt+P.