Playhead problems

The playhead (green vertical line) is always half a beat behind the music. How can I fix this?

Welcome to the forum, Patrick. What buffer size do you have chosen in Edit > Device Setup? What playback template are you using? (Are you using one of the standard playback templates, like e.g. HSSE+HSO (Pro) or are you using a third-party one, like NotePerformer?)

Hi Daniel, thanks for the prompt response. My Devise Setup shows the following:

ASIO Driver: Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO

Stereo Output: UR22mklI Output 1/L; UR22mklI Output 2/R

Sample Rate: 44100

The Device Control Panel shows the following:

Device: Steinberg UR22mklI

Mode: Standard

Buffer Size: 512 samples

Input Latency 16.495 msec

Output Latency 19.456 msec

As for your question about what playback template I am using, I am not aware that I amusing any, other than the default provided by Dorico 4.

I hope this gives you enough information to help me with my playhead problem.



The only thing I can think of is a sample rate mismatch somehow. Please go to Edit > Device Setup and change the sample rate to a different value, wait 3 seconds and switch back to the previous. After that, is the playhead still behind?
If so, then try a smaller buffer size of e.g. 192 samples. Does that make things better?

Thanks, Ulf, for the suggestions. Unfortunately none of them worked. The playhead is still half a best behind the music. If you can think of anything else, please let me know.

Best wishes,