Playhead stops of freeze many times

My green playhead or playline is freezing many times when I play the music. Sometimes the playhead is on bar 39 while the current playing bar is bar 44. What can be the problem?

Unfortunately this is a sporadic problem that affects the Mac version of Dorico that we have as yet been unable to track down and fix. There are no workarounds that we’re aware of, but there are some things you can do to cause the screen to start updating again, from least to most disruptive: wiggling the mouse pointer around; dragging the score a bit; switching to Engrave mode and back again.

Apart from experiencing the same issue in Dorico 2, I also have difficulties to convince Dorico to rewind (go to 1.1.1). When I click rewind, the counter displays indeed 1.1.1, but upon starting playback Dorico starts from the bar it had previously stopped. The counter “jumps” back to the bar where playback takes place.

Will try the screen updating tricks, though.

The problems described in this thread were fixed in Dorico 1.2. Whatever you’re experiencing is likely to be a different issue. If you have a project with which this problem can be reliably reproduced, please post it along with said steps.


Did you receive the project file I sent to your Steinberg email address? There was almost nothing in it except a bass line from the '69 song Venus.
In addition to the things mentioned above I experienced funny things in engrave mode with it: I couldn’t select frames properly. I had to deselect other selected frames first by clicking into some empty space before I was able to select another frame. While I did my experimentation with Dorico 1.2 this never seemed to happen.

BTW it happened to me once that a repeat ending worked. I know that because I wrote the bass voice to full length but for my convenience left the repeat signs in the project. Unless there is another source for this behavior, Dorico interpreted one of these repeat signs so the bass voice turned out too long…

I get a lot of email. If I haven’t come back to you yet, it’s because I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.

No worries. Just to let you know I sent the file you requested. And to make sure it arrived.