Playing a countermelody in the write mode

I can connect the midi keyboard and easily add a countermelody in the score
Is it possible to repeat (loop) some bars inthe score , so i can add this countermelody ?
There is no looping feature in Dorico , so recording the countermelody is in one go

I’m afraid Dorico does not yet have a feature for looping playback, but this is something we hope to implement in a future version.

The midi keyboard Komplete kontrol mk2 works on Dorico as aspected i think.
Only working for in the midi mode of this keyboard ?, there are no control elements on the keyboard for choosing the midi channels
Its in the software Komplete Control that you must choose a midi channel.

Its optimised this keyboard for Cubase and there you can choose a midi channel with a special knob on the keyboard, but that is not the case for Dorico.
I think working in Cubase with this midi keyboard for my as orchestral composing tool is better suited then it is for Dorico as it seems.

I am wondering myself what midi controller keyboard is suitable for Dorico ?
Think that the Native Instuments Komplete Kontrol keyboard mkII is a good candidate

So Dorico must be prepared of to work with the Native Instruments keyboard : only adding the instruments in Dorico and on the keyboard you can choose what instruments to play and more…
More functionality can be added like it is in Cubase 8.5 to use also too in Dorico.

Dorico doesn’t support Native Instruments’ NKS technology, or indeed any specific set of mappings for extended controls on MIDI keyboards or other controllers. It’s something we may support in future, but we have no immediate plans for it.

I’m sure that would be welcomed by many - myself not least!

Depends how someone is composing with Dorico.
The idea of doing all from a keyboard is a very convienant attractive workflow
Playing in a melodyline and from there to expand a orchestral composition or start with a melody with chords are approved methods of loosly classical composing and using the keyboard as much as possible