Playing a sample on midi keyboard, which moves in tone up and down the scales


To give you an example of what i’m looking to do. The user places a sample in to a midi channel, and plays it on the keyboard and the sample moves in tone… how do i do this? i’m looking to play a snare sample in my track but to have it move to key when i play it. see clip.


also if i load a sample in to play it on midi and i only tap the note, how do i get it to only play the part of the sample where i’m holding the note, i.e if i tap the key, it only plays the few milliseconds instead of the full sample. if that makes sense

  1. Use a sampler that allows key tracking
  2. Set your playback mode to „no loop“ or whatever this mode is called in your specific, here not mentioned sampler.

i’m not sure how to do this?

how do i know which midi’s allow key tracking?