Playing a score

Got a piano sstaff on top and and a string section below the piano
Is it possible to mute the piano part when playing the score ?

For now i can see only that i must go to Halion 6 /or Halion 6 SE and mute the channel there
There is no way to mute the instrument in the score i think.

You can set solo states from the mixer, but if you select more than one note on either of the piano staves, then hit Play, everything apart from the piano will be silent.

Rather than hitting the Play button specifically, you should hit the P key to play from the start of the selection. If you want to play from anywhere without having to specify the selection every time, you can instead set which instruments are soloed by selecting the instruments you want to hear and then typing Alt+S, and you can then later reset those solo states using Shift+Alt+S.

Most easy and fast is muting the one instrument you don’t want to hear and the rest of the instruments is hearable.
Better is to mute an unmute any instruments as you like
Now how to select a instrument in Dorico score layout …clicking in instrumentnames ? ( i don’t use mouse for note input )

You can just select a note or other item on the staff belonging to the instrument.

That´s really convienant, but for muting a instrument is must select all notes for that instrument ?
I am in galleyview ; edit> select to end of flow or rubber bending tool with mouse for selecting all notes then.

Got 3 instruments: only i wanto hear the two violins and not with the piano
Default i can hear them all three
Alt+S the two violins should set them in Solo Mode and the piano in unsolo…checked this in the mixer : both violins are set on solo and piano muted
No violins to hear ?
Shift -Alt-S : can hear all three instruments again…solo alone vln1 now, but no sound :slight_smile:
Looping some bars seems to also not possible to test the mixer ?
The piano track is now set on solo and is a master track, while the two violins are muted, but still hearable , so the mute is not working for the two violins?
When i mute the piano alone …all instruments are muted and not visable on the mixer as muted for the violins
So the piano track must be a not master track.

No, you can just select a single note on each of the instruments you want to hear and type Alt+S, which will solo the instruments you selected. Shift+Alt+S resets all of the solo states.

Get lost as you see
Its super simple this as you explained

Seems that the mixer is no the right place to mute instruments, as i see it now

Your first two posts on this thread specifically referred to “muting”, not “soloing”. I recognise that my reply was about “solo states”, but to the best of my knowledge there is not a keyboard shortcut to specifically “mute” instruments. Therefore the mixer is exactly the right place to mute instruments.

Of course if your desire is to solo instruments, you now have the means to do that without resorting to the mixer.

Ok there is muting a instrument in the mixer : that’s what i want
There seems to be no other way to do this

Then there is solo play of a selected notes in the score
Suppose i soloing 1 instrument of a score , then the other instruments are not hearable (muted).
I hope i have sorted out now :slight_smile:

Wel when i mute now the pianotrack in the mixer ,then 2 violins are solo , but all three instruments are still hearable?
I got the idea that something is wrong in Dorico mixer , because the mixer muting is not working as already earlier mentioned.

Instead of soloing/muting in the mixer, I’ve become accustomed to just selecting a few notes in the parts I want to hear, then hit P.
Remember the following tricks:

  • selecting exactly 1 note (doesn’t matter which part) → all parts will play (from that point in the score).
  • selecting more than 1 note in 1 part → only that part will play (solo).
  • selecting notes (or rests) in different parts → only those parts will play.
  • shift-click will select everything in between.
    So to answer your original question, click on a note in violin 1, then shift-click on a note (or rest) in the bass part. By using shift you will select everything in between, which is the whole string section. If you press P now, you will hear the strings only. You get used to this very fast.

In plaats van de solo/mute knoppen in de mixer te gebruiken is mijn vaste gewoonte nu om gewoon een paar noten te selecteren in de partijen die ik wil horen, en dan op P te drukken.
Onthoud deze trucs:

  • selecteer precies 1 noot (maak niet uit in welke partij) → je hoort alle partijen
  • selecteer meer dan 1 noot in 1 partij → alleen die partij wordt gespeeld (solo)
  • selecteer noten (of rusten) in meer dan 1 partij → je hoort alleen die partijen
  • shift-klik selecteert alles ertussenin.
    Dus om je oorspronkelijke vraag te beantwoorden: klik op een noot in viool 1, dan shift-klik op iets in de bas. Door de shifttoets selecteer je ook alles ertussen, dus alle strijkers. Als je nu op P drukt hoor je alleen alle strijkers. Hier wen je heel snel aan.

Bedankt !
Blij dat het zo gaat werken en zat al te denken aan die master track, maar ja dat is een vaste spoor toewijzing waarschijnlijk.
Vraag me af als die piano in parij 1 niet via een master spoor loopt of dan wel de mixer werkt met mute on/off ?
Ga het uitproberen jouw werkwijze

Thanks !
Glad it will work like this and was already thinking about that master track, but yes that is probably a fixed track assignment.
Wonder if that piano in part 1 does not run via a master track or does the mixer then work with mute on / off?
Try it out your way

Piano- on mastertrack
Vlns1 -out 2
Vlns 2 out 3

For Piano it works ( selecting more than 1 note in 1 part → only that part will play (solo).)

I tried this further out with a violins 1 - selected a note + rest -> no solo play vln1
Can still hear the piano and other vln2

Perhaps i must add a note in vln1 track ?, yes that did it, now it plays solo (so selecting with a rest and note it plays not solo).

Soloing and muting is not working in the mixer with the piano track as master track
Perhaps i can chance the piano track in a not-master track ?

Ok, i see what’s now going on: i changed the default Dorico HAlion 6 SE for HAlion 6
Halion 6 makes a new master track for a template: piano as example and adding a ensemble further makes no difference
How to correct this that HAlion 6 is not using a master track in Dorico ?

Can’t find a solution for this, so i am wondering how HAlion 6 can be used with the orchestral sample set ?

Checked some other plugins- kontakt, HaLion Sonic and some more and all assign no master track to a instrument, as it seems like Halion6 does.
Can this be fixed ?

Dorico can’t currently load sounds automatically into either HALion or HALion Sonic, only HALion Sonic SE. We do plan to make it possible to tell Dorico to use either HALion or HALion Sonic instead of HSSE at some point, but this isn’t currently possible.