Playing and auditioning at low sample rates

I work in the games industry and out of necessity am often required to work with lower sample rate audio. Unfortunately most modern pro audio interfaces will simply refuse to play anything below 44.1KHz.

My current workaround is to have a samplerate conversion plugin at the end of my effects chain set to double the sample rate of the material I’m working with when dealing with sub 44.1KHz sample rates, but this is less than ideal for a smooth workflow. It also doesn’t work for auditioning files in the browser as playback here bypasses the master section entirely.

Ideally there would be an option to set a minimum samplerate threshold in WaveLab’s settings, where any material below that threshold will double the sample rate frequency of the internal playback engine auotmatically behind the scenes, thus allowing playback without artifacts/coloration.

I’m guessing there is nothing in 8.5 for this, but perhaps a possible feature for 9?

Also if anyone else has any ideas/thoughts on this, please speak up :slight_smile:

If you are in Windows, you can simply select the MME driver for WaveLab, and your problem is solved.

Good tip! Now I just need something for Mac (I use PC on the development end, but Mac for sound production) :sunglasses:

Again, no help for OS X but I use ASIO Link on Windows which allows any sample rate through my MOTU. Also allows me to share the interface with multiple programs each wanting to be the ASIO master.

Thanks for the tips guys, certainly this solves the problem on the PC end. Sadly for OSX and my Apogee Symphony, so far I have not found a good alternative solution.