Playing articulations from different libraries in the same line


Please help me find the right way of doing this: I want to use different sound libraries for the same instrument, section or ensemble. For example, I would like a line of Chamber Violins playing articulations from both the VSL Chamber Violins and the Spitfire LCO Strings Violins.

As for the playback devices, I guess I should create two manual playback templates based on the VSL and Kontakt players (this latter for the Spitfire library). Then, I should create a playback template, where the Kontakt manual playback template is an instrument override for the VSL manual playback template.

My first question is if I should really use an instrument override, or just consider the two players at the same level. This will probably depend on the answer to my next question.

That is: if my violins are linked to the VSL Chamber Violins, how and where should I write the articulations contained in the Spitfire LCO Strings? Should I create a second instrument, dedicated to those extended articulations? Should I write them as a different voice, now that each voice in a line can play a different VST Instrument?

If I use a second instrument for my violins, should I then merge them with the Consolidate function?

I suspect the solution is using different voices for the basic and extended articulations, each one with a different sound library. But I don’t know if there are alternative, and better, solutions. And if there are issues with using separate voices for this task alone.


You cannot currently route a single instrument to multiple endpoints. You will need to create duplicate players and instruments that are excluded from your printed full score layout and manually duplicate the material from the shown players to the ones that are added only for playback, and then route each of the extra players that isn’t shown in the score to the appropriate endpoint in Play mode.

Thank you, Daniel. So, you would go for a separation between playback and print tracks. Yet, I will want to explore a bit on the use of voices, since they now can end to different sounds. But I understand that there is a risk of messing up with rests and stems.

I’ll report here, without opening a new thread: I think that the Version History manual may contain a few mistakes on page 35. In the Endpoint Setup dialog, the save button is called “Save Endpoint Configuration”, and not “Save Manual Playback Template”. But maybe I’m misunderstanding the instructions.


My solution would be to assign the DB to the same MIDI channel as the Cello. So long as one watches the range carefully and the DB automatically transposes down an 8ve, the cello and DB can play from the same staff. IIRC HALion can alter the pitch of an instrument by an 8ve if desired.

(I am assuming this would be used in a continuo-like situation where one wished the cello and DB to play an 8ve apart.)
Granted, one cannot use this solution for separate sound players. Combining a cello from HALion with a DB from Garritan would not work.


Derrek, thank you for your answer, but I fear I was not clear enough. What I’m trying to do is mixing different libraries for the same instrument. That is, using the normal “vibrato” articulation from a VSL library, and the “molto sul pont” articulation from LCO Strings. This would expand the violin articulations to some extended techniques only available in one of the libraries.