playing back Drum set (basic) notes using (default?) [GM 129] Stereo GM Kit does not produce expected sounds

out of curiosity I tried to write a drum loop using Drum set (basic) instrument. Halionic sonic SE automatically loaded [GM 129] Stereo GM Kit. However the sounds don’t match instruments. For example I don’t hear any Crash Cymbal and the Floor tom makes a crash cymbal sound.
What may I be doing wrong? I’ve just installed Dorico and I haven’t modified any relevant settings as far as I’m aware.
I am enclosing the example project.

btw a reproducible crash: new empty project → add a solo player → add a Drum set (basic) to them → unfold the Drum Set instrument → click edit percussion kit → drag Crash cymbal (low) on the player
(I tried to isolate individual instruments from the kit)
rhythm pattern.7z (398 KB)

Welcome to the forum, hpta. I’m not sure how you managed it, but the reason for the incorrect playback is that no percussion map is chosen in the Endpoint Setup dialog. Dorico will both load the appropriate kit patch and choose the Yamaha XG percussion map by default when you add a drum kit to your project, so perhaps you inadvertently unset this when you were exploring Play mode?

Another way to quickly set things right is to go to Play > Playback Template and choose the ‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ template and click OK, which will reload the sounds and reset the expression/percussion map assignments in Endpoint Setup.

Thank you, Daniel. It’s ok now. I don’t remember myself having unset the percussion map. But - just realized … it wasn’t a clean installation. There was Dorico trial and Dorico elements before. And I did experience a problem with no sound in the past. Before watching the youtube tutorial dealing with it I probably clicked around a lot. Maybe that’s why.