playing back samples/rex2 files

Hello, Guys

Quick question!
When I bring in a rex2 file and set all the sample in the program side to (one shot).The samples/rex2 file when played right after each other overlap. I would like, when I hit the next sample the first one that i hit stop and the second, (or next) sample/rex2 will play. Is there a setting in Halion 4 to make the happen.

thanks for your help guys.

have you tried playing with the release of the amplitude envelope in the zone page so there is no release and just an abrupt stopping of notes when the finger is off the key/midi note ends?

No i haven’t!

Please take a look at this youtube video and you you can see what i would like Halion 4 to do… I would like the samples do play like in this video.


Try having no release on the slices, or look in the manual for voice grouping to do what you want to do.

I’ll try that today an get back to ya. Thanks for the info!!

Sorry it took me so long to get back but i’m still having no luck with this.