Playing Back Up Files from an External Back Up Disc

I recorded a project and backed it up using the FILE/BACK UP PROJECT menu drop down dialogue box. Since the file was the last to be saved in the program it was the most recent to open when I returned to Cubase 6. To my surprise and disappointment, I noticed the project would stop and start creating an overload on the VST Performance Meter. Why does this happen? Is there a problem in playing the Back-up file from the External Disc? Are Back-Up files only saved to drop and drag files back into the program/Project located on the main hard drive and not to be played from the External Back-Disc? Does this occur due to the need of more memory? Thanks for any help.

Never had a problem playing backed up files via “back up project” from an external drive? but I usually copy them back to my main internal audio drive if I need to do more work on them.

Nope, shold be fine. Unless you have a USB-disk that forces USB 1.1 speed somehow, but I havn’t experienced that for years. Does the speed seem ok if you copy/move a file from the disk manually?


The performance meter has two lines. The CPU performance and the hard disk access performance. Which one is peaking?

Probably the hard disk access which means you are reading too many audio files/tracks from the external hard disk and the data throughput (read/write speeds) of the hard disks interface is bottlenecking. For Cubase to be able to read multiple audio files/tracks form an external media you need to use a fast, minimum USB 2, or firewire hard disk.

Thanks to all for the immediate response and comments. Because of your response, I was able to locate the problem. In answering the question RE: drive type: I am using a Seagate 2T 2.0 external drive. In answering the question which side of the meter spiked. It was the DISK and not the ASIO side.

The PROBLEM: I had the drive connected to a Hub and not directly to the computer. By changing the USB cable from the Hub directly to the computer the problem was resolved. LESSON LEARNED: Never connect your external drive to an external hub if you plan to play songs directly from the external drive. I did note however, when I stopped the song the VST meter spiked, but immediately dropped. No problem there.

Any corrections or comments are appreciated. :smiley: