Playing bass into Dorico via Focusrite

Hi There, Im new to Dorico. I’ve just update to elements from the free SE. I’ve been noodling with a Midi keyboard to compose little tunes…and it’s great. But, is there a facility to record an instrument via my Focusrite Solo, as I would in Cubase, into Dorico. I’m not very proficient with keyboards.
Also, I see there is a template for guitar and tab in elements. Are there plans for a bass and tab…or changing the 5 stave to a 4 stave. Thank you.

I found the bass tab bit :+1::+1::+1::+1:. Just need to find out if I can record an instrument (surprise, surprise), Bass Guitar, straight into Dorico.

Does your bass output audio or MIDI? I have no idea whether it’ll work if it’s MIDI, but if it’s audio then it’s definitely a no.

You could experiment with a bass to MIDI converter like a Sonuus G2M or i2M. They don’t cost the earth but you’d have to see if the pitch tracking is good enough for your purposes and whether or not you can tolerate the latency.

Thanks guys. I did suspect it wouldn’t work…yet. Hoped it could be used like Cubase. Never mind, I’ll just have to get more proficient with a keyboard. :+1::+1::+1: