Playing catch-up---need help

Since I have been away for a couple of years I see there have been many changes.
There are new Cubase programs which I know nothing about. What I would like to know is could you guys
recommend to me a Cubase program such as Cubase 6, or what ever, with the fewest bugs and a computer
that can handle it. I have been on Macs for years but I’m willing to make the change to a PC but what PC is
good for that new program. This may all sound simple to you guys but If you recommend a PC, I’m lost.
It will be a new learning curve for me. Thanks.

You will probably get more replies if you posted this in the Hardware Forum ( If the Mods don’t move this there anyway :unamused: )

I guess it’s the Computer/Studio Hardware & Setup Forum to be more correct :slight_smile:

Hi Jack, Even though I’m still a new(er) member, welcome to the forum.
So regarding your new build. Would you prefer to stay on Mac or switch to PC? Either way, performance is about the same. If you go with a PC though, you’ll have quite a few tweaks to get optimal performance.

I’m still on Cubase 5.5.2 (latest update) and happy with it. Cubase 6 is very new and issues are still coming in, so stability is yet to be determined. I know that 5.5.2 also has the latest performance enhancements, which carried over to 6, so whatever you go with is up to you.

I’m a forward thinker, so I went entirely 64 Bit. I use JBridge to make all my 32 Bit plugins compatible, and for me, everything is now stable, working great and efficiently. It took me about 3 weeks to get there, with ongoing tweaks.

From a new build, for a PC, I’d go with Win 7 (Home Premium at a minimum). 6 Core processor at a minimum. 6 Gigs ram at a minimum (if you use a lot of VSTi’s, then 12 Gigs is better). I’d get at least a decent graphics card, and definitely don’t skimp on the Power Supply. If you build it yourself, go to great prices and selection.

If you want to build a Mac, maybe some Mac users can chime in with some Recommendations for a Mac build.


Thanks for the replies guys. It’s a big help. As far as a Mac, I don’t need any help. I was more concerned with
PC’s. I do know switching to a PC opens a whole can of worms, however, there seems to be a leaning in that
direction by many of late. Thanks again.