Playing DAW with Dorico Play

I am trying to play an instrument from DAW on my midi keyboard accompanied with Dorico play simultaneously . But I need to mute the Docrico sound coming from Midi Keyboard and only play DAw instrument on my midi keyboard .
I want to prevent the midi keyboard from receiving Dorico instrument while I am playing Dorico sounds + playing DAW instrument on midi keyboard .

I’m not exactly sure what your setup looks like - the simplest is to disable the MIDI keyboard as input to Dorico if you want to only play the DAW instrument.

What throws me is when you talk about the keyboard receiving from Dorico. Is it a true synth that you are playing as an external instrument? In that case you have a external MIDI endpoint for it in the play tab that you just need to disable?

From the manual:

You can enable/disable MIDI thru on the Play page in Preferences, for example, if you do not want to hear sounds in Dorico Pro when playing on your MIDI keyboard.

@ehabaziz2001 hello,
It’s easy! :slight_smile: Just you need to start the DAW first and then Dorico. This way the DAW will have full control over the MIDI keyboard.

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