Playing Everything Pizz.

Hi There.

I’m currently on a course and have received a commission that is due Friday morning at latest, so I am in desperate need of a reply.

The problem is that in my violin part I have used the playing techniques pop-over to enter pizz. markings and everything works fine - until I try to cancel it with an Arco marking. Instead, it blatantly ignores this and carries on playing back pizzicato, which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is quite annoying when working to such a tight deadline.

Hopefully someone has a solution!

(BTW I’m using a 15" 2019 MacBook Pro with the latest version of Dorico. The VST instance I’m talking about is the violin I combi patch.)

Thanks in advance,


Your arco is probably in the same rhythmic spot as another marking that triggers a playing technique. A slur, perhaps. At present, Dorico doesn’t handle simultaneous PT commands very well.

Try adding “natural” in an earlier spot and hiding it. You can add it anywhere using the caret in note input mode.

okay. How can I hide elements on Dorico?

With the thing selected, look in the Properties Panel at the bottom (Ctrl-8 or Cmd-8).

Ummm… It’s not there? Perhaps it’s a Mac thing because I thought I had seen it on my PC before.

Any other suggestions? Sorry. :neutral_face:

Make sure you only have the item you want to hide selected - if you have e.g. a note and a playing technique selected, only properties that can apply to both are shown, which is usually just the Common group. If you select just a playing technique, the Playing Techniques group should appear

It is definitely there. See the 25 second video at the top of this link (made on a Mac) Tip: Hide playing techniques – Dorico

Ahh…I’ve found it. Not to worry, although it isn’t immediately obvious. I thought that clicking on the note-head attached to it would reveal it. Never mind and thanks for your patience.


The Properties Panel is very particular in what it displays, based on precisely what is selected.