Playing external midi synth

Hi all

Noob question.

I have Cubase Artist 10.5, a UR242 interface, outboard synths eg TB3.

The audio output from the TB3 goes into a mixer and then into the input of the UR242. The output from the UR242 goes to monitors.

I can hear the TB3 fine when Cubase is not running but when Cubase is open I can’t.

The mixer is showing sound going through it, the UR242 is showing sound going into it, Cubase is showing sound on the Stereo In channel but there is no sound coming out the UR242.

I can record Midi notes on a Midi track of the TB3 (without hearing anything) and I can record the sound the Midi notes are playing (that I can’t hear) onto an Audio track and can hear the sound from that.

I have the Yamaha ASIO driver selected in Studio Setup. If select the TB3 driver or the Generic driver and I can hear the TB3 but I should be using the Yamaha driver.

I want to record midi tracks of my outboard but can’t if I can’t hear them.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


Hi and welcome,

You have to connect the Stereo In to the Stereo Out, somehow.

To do so, add an Audio track, set the Stereo In as the Input and the Stereo Out as the output. Enable Monitor.

Thanks. Got it working now.