Playing final mix of sequence on gig - with audio click on left, mix on left

I am about ready to pull my hair out. I cannot figure out how to get the sequences I created for a band I am in to work the way the sound guy says is most common - i send him an audio signal from either my computer or ipad, and the drummer click is on one side and the final mix on the right.

BUT my mixes are designed for stereo - someone please help!!!

Or is this a wacky/bad way to accomplish result?

Stereo playback and click on one side is not possible… at the same time

can i mix the stereo mix to a mono track? If I do that, and I just use, say the left side for the audio, and right for the click, will that work? I know I can have my computer and Focusrite

Yes you can do that. I take it your interface only has two outputs?

Stereo by its very nature is two channels so always requires two outputs. Mix to mono which only requires 1 output as you say.

The focus rite has 4 outputs…the way I thought it worked was playing the audio track within cubase and either have a click track which I sent to output 3 and send the audio through 1 & 2, but I guess most sound guys doing bars or small clubs don’t run the system in stereo, so it wouldn’t make a difference.

I do run it in stereo,
makes it easier with true stereo playback material and the reverbs sound much better in stereo

It’s a good idea to have a click track recorded
so you can play three channels through the interface…
sometimes it’s not bad to have the special effects, drones or similiar signals on an extra output as well, so the FOH guy can handle it by itself…

If you have 4 outputs then use them as you please. Watch out for sending a click to the desk though as these sometimes break through on other channels.

We are in 2022… this does not happen with actual professional live sound consoles anymore.

Ha good to hear.

so to get this straight, on the gig with my band I use the computer to play the final audio mix inside cubase, then use output 3 to send to the sound guy - who in turn sends it to the drummer (he uses in ears to hear the whole band) - I am having trouble with the routing - i set up the audio click track to a separate mono bus - but when I listen to output 3 in my headphones i get the main mix, but NOT the drummer click - not sure whether or not to use control room or regular output in the audio connections tab. I can’t seem to find a video tutorial on this anywhere - maybe I am not putting in the correct search criteria.

Would really appreciate help here - I am really frustrated.

The sound guy is not running the pa in stereo apparently.

Wich Focusrite?

Scarlett 4i4