Playing GA5 live into Cubase 12

I apologize if this has been answered,but I just dont see it. I want to record on a track as I am playing pattern pads,with the pattern re-setting to its start each time I let go of a controller key/pad. Like it does before I hit Record. Right now,during recording ,the pattern progresses through its pattern/loop.


Not sure exactly what you mean but if you want the pattern to play back while you jam/record on a different track then go into the drum editor (or key editor) in Cubase and ‘draw’ in the midi note that corresponds with the pattern.

If you are using the drum editor as opposed to the key editor then you will have to click on ‘show note lenth’ in the editor so you can drag out the midi note. The pattern will then playback when ever cubase is playing over the midi note.

You can arrange a whole track like that … start adding fills in etc

Hope this helps…