Playing live along with dorico (Improvements to Scrolling Playback)

Currently, scrolling playback doesn’t give you enough look-ahead measures to continually play live from the score. Also, selecting a single part to view (to eliminate the need to scroll) only plays back the selected part, not the full score.

Solutions would be:

  1. Let me look at a single part, while the full score plays back (obviously I’d have my solo track muted).

  2. Designate boundaries in gallery view on the right side to leave a couple measures visible when “flipping” the playback tracker back to the left side, so I have that look-ahead memory.

  3. An option for scrolling playback, that when the current play marker hits the center of the screen, lock it there --so that the music smoothly scrolls, instead of the play marker moving off to the right then jumping back to the left like a typewriter.

Seems I may have found an acceptable solution already with two layouts tiled, and score window using much less of the screen.


Something similar was referred to, in this thread/post some time ago (for iPad, but I think can be referred to the Desktop version as well?).I hope that is related to your request in some way: