Playing live with cubase questions


My question is that I want to build up a library of samples and to be able to use them in a live environment. Can I use Groove agent for example or Halion?? to be able to do all these things or do I need more than 1 plugin/tool to do this and what are they?

For managing the library:

  • import audio files (mp3/wav)
  • easily trim / edit them
  • store loops to individual triggers/pads
  • be able to save sets of samples/loops as individual instruments/presets

For live performance:

  • quickly load a preset/instrument
  • be able to trigger a 1-shot type sample using a pad/controller
  • be able to trigger loops by pressing a pad/controller to start the loop and then to press again to stop it (I am likely to be playing other instruments while the loop playing for example)
  • be able to change the sample/loop speed/tempo

Many thanks, HH